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Thread: Banking reform requirements

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    Lightbulb Banking reform requirements

    Banking reform requirements

    6/29/2016 0:00


    Became placed to identify trends in banking reform and clear indicator that changes made ​​by the government in the departments of government banks as an important step on the road to reform. Read in this change is that it is not targeted to these departments Bchkhosa, but requires the need to choose a new departments able to interact with thebanking reform requirements required by the young Akhttiaralchksaat competent. This message refers to the escalation of the significant role of the banking sector in light of the government 's attempts to get rid of the effects of the financial crisis that affected the country 's capacity, so necessary, to adopt the terms of reference able to interact with the current critical stage requirements.
    And when there was an ambitious government program undertaken by the government incooperation with the Bank CBI to stimulate the productive sectors through thedevelopment of the Central initiative customize it amount 6 trillion dinars for lending tosmall businesses , which are designed to be the responsibility of the medium and large private banks , which are designed to be implemented through government banks. it
    became clear that such a development program needs to change required to implement it and so due to the faltering implementation as signs of an inability to absorb it and implement it came change.
    which deepens well in the content and objectives of this joint development program between the government and the Central will find it an effective way to mitigate the effects of the crisis or overcome by moving and stimulate production and service sector.From here highlights the importance of activating the partnership between government and the private banking sector being the arms of the central government in theimplementation of the joint development program to the fullest. Touch of the initiative shown by TBI through what she did in the presentation of his new administration developed its potential , which was established in accordance with the global banking system to cooperate with the Association of private banks but also reflects the correct implementation of the requirements of the banking reform trends. We hope the rest of the government departments to suit the lead banks Bank of Iraq to work to achieve ahealthy environment for the banking reform by adopting a partnership in place to achieve the goals first is to achieve reform and second , setting the first step on the road toimplementation of the requirements of a market economy. We will continue to see

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    IMF RECOMMENDATION: Legislation should be introduced to ensure that banks are subject to both International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Standards on Auditing, within a reasonable timetable.
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