Iraqi flag flutters central Mosul for the first time in two years and Daash siren elements

Nineveh-Iraq Press -7 July: Raise unidentified Iraqi flag, the center of Mosul, on Wednesday evening, while Astafr organize Daash elements in search ofthe perpetrators. According to eyewitnesses, the "organization Daash mobilized elements, againstthe backdrop of an unknown group to raise theIraqi flag in the door of the brick market towardsthe saddle box Street in central Mosul, and arresteda number of hawkers on the background of theincident. "He 's witnesses, said : " this incident is thefirst of its kind after two years of control of theterrorist organization of the city , "pointing out that" the militants Daash removed the flags and were taken detainees to an unknown destination."the Mosul under the control of " Daash ", since 10 June 2014, where the city suffers from major security and humanitarian crisis as a result of seeking regulation to impose aradical vision on all aspects of life, while security forces continue with support from coalition aircraft provided direction thecity from the south in preparation for editing.