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Down Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday for his description demonstrations Ramadi and Mosul as "uncivilized" and said in a statement yesterday that "some demands of the demonstrators legitimate" sent the defense minister for "negotiation", but the protesters in Anbar, "replied his greeting" to refuse to go to Saadoun Dulaimi, asking him to come is to replace the protest. This comes at a time continue the sit-in connector for the third consecutive day calling for a radical change in government policies, while income picket gray seventh day, and continued to join pro delegations from various provinces, most recently from Basra. In the same context, and in his first reaction to the demonstrations, said Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi said the demonstrators to stick to national unity, calling on the army and police to respect freedom of protest and not to be drawn into any color of friction demonstrators. A reporter "Press-term" in Ramadi that the numbers of protesters increased rapid near the international line, "especially after the arrival of a delegation from the province of Basra," referring to the Anbar tribes "تكفلوا providing food to sit." He said "there are no security breaches because there are inspection committees formed by the protesters to inspect the new arrivals." The reporter quoted demonstrators they refused to speak in their name, "any tribal or religious scholar or political or partisan, stressing that wants to participate in the demonstrations, he participate without any prescription or position." Prime Minister promised that "some" legitimate demands of the demonstrators, and promised to "implement his own" special cases of detainees and detention camps, in clear decline Description launched two days before the protests, in which he used phrases such as "uncivilized methods, cutting the road." Maliki said in a statement issued by his office Saturday, on the sidelines of a meeting with a delegation comprising a number of religious scholars and dignitaries headed by Mufti Ahlu Sunna group Mehdi al-Sumaidaie, who is close to al-Maliki in recent months, he "must not let the moderates and the wise religious scholars and tribal leaders and all the forces of good space extremists and owners malicious intent to take country Kdrallah not wash with dire consequences. "
Maliki confirmed that "some legitimate demands of the demonstrators" and called on scientists to "the formation of a committee comprising adding to them, a number of judges to investigate the prisons and detention centers and marking glitches they are repaired immediately." As Maliki made to send Secretary of Defense Agency Saadoun al-Dulaimi to Anbar to meet with the demonstrators, but the protesters gray refused, referring observers say it means that the main demand is "departure Maliki" and replace Prime Minister, who faces protest wide by blocks Parliament on the way his administration of the state . He announced media adviser to the governor of Anbar Mohammed Fathi Hantoush, the protesters refused to negotiate with the Minister of Defense Agency Saadoun al-Dulaimi, who arrived on Saturday morning, to maintain the operations headquarters, as he emphasized that the demonstrators who spoke on condition attending Square sit to negotiate with him. Said Mohammed Fathi Hantoush in an interview to the (long-Presse), The Visit Dulaimi to Anbar province, "came to negotiate with the protesters and their application," noting that "al-Dulaimi, met with security chiefs and the governor of Anbar Qassim Mohammed Fahdawi to develop an action plan to negotiate with the protesters ". And added Hantoush "the defense minister and security chiefs in Anbar Operations Command headquarters asked the protesters to send a delegation representatives to negotiate on their demands.", Noting that "the demonstrators refused to attend negotiation and stipulated in the yard sit." The witness Anbar province demonstrations, since the 21 of December 2012, against the backdrop of the arrest protection and finance minister the leader of the Iraqi List, Rafie al-Issawi, demanding "Drop the current government and the release of prisoners and detainees in the prisons of the Ministries of Interior and Justice," threatened constantly protests until their demands, after cut them off the international road link between Iraq, Syria and Jordan. In the same vein continued dozens of demonstrators in Nineveh, on Saturday, pretend for a third day in a row to demand the release of detainees and detention centers and exit the army and federal police of cities, carrying banners as tribes demanded the release of detainees and the abolition of Article IV of the Terrorism Act. Haitham Al Naif, one of the participants in the sit-in an interview to the (long-Presse) "renewed Aatsamana today to come to the yard Liberal central Mosul, demanding the release of detainees and detention of prisons and the abolition of Article IV of the Terrorism Act and the withdrawal of the army and federal police from inside the cities."
Naif explained that "nearly 200 people staged a sit inside the arena that was closed more than two years ago after the governor of Nineveh province Liberation of Iraq, opened the doors to the protesters." Nayef added that "the protestors dispersed on the roofs of buildings in the courtyard of Liberals and carried banners as tribal calls for the release of prisoners and the abolition of Article IV of terrorism." Meanwhile, a House Speaker Osama Nujaifi said in a statement issued by his press office, said "Many prisoners and detainees have not been tried have been charged them under serious violations through the excessive use of violence and torture against people particularly women in prisons public and secret." He said in his first comment on the demonstrations and their causes, said there was "lethargic in the judiciary for the advancement of its independence true and confusion that is going on in this operator reflected negatively on the overall performance of the state and was a major cause in most repercussions and injustices that threatened and threatening the collapse of the political process." He pointed out that "resorting to pretend confirms that people lost confidence in the government's ability to contain the aspirations which led to the emergence of a crisis of confidence great between them and the people, like this is what would have happened without the repeated promises that fired the people long ago did not find her impact on the ground" . Nujaifi called for "respect the demands of the protesters and that Nbulgha their goal collective spirit away from the pints of sectarianism, ethnicity and the party and class, because these particular demonstrations to rectify mistakes and slips, the compass of right and spot ground for the growth of democracy." At the time of the House Speaker that pretend "exercise of the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution," called the demonstrators that "Erboa themselves from conflicts may lead the political process to Mhow undesirable consequences," calling the army and police "to show as much respect for personal freedoms and public, and dealing professional and national Highs and not to be drawn behind the political purposes. "