12/26/2012 12:45 PM

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Islamic party in Anbar said on Wednesdayit will continue the sit in on the international highway in the city of Ramadi against waht its members termed “aggression”.
“Leaders and cadres of the party will continue their sit in stagedon the international highway in the city of Ramadi and in other cities of theprovince after the arrest of guards of Finance Minister Rafi’ al-Issawi,”Khaled Ubeid al-Ulawni, a leading figure of the party told Aswat al-Iraq newsagency.
Thursday reports said that a number of financeminister Rafi' al-Issawi's bodyguards were arrested for terrorism charges,while Issawi's closed circles called for peaceful demonstrations in protest forsuch arrests.
Iraqiya bloc held an emergency meeting, duringwhich Premier Nouri al-Maliki was criticized for "attacking the Sunnisect"., as stated later.
Finance Minister Rafi' al-Issawi called for theresignation of Maliki and called the parliament to withdraw confidence from thegovernment, which was initiated few months earlier.