29/12/2012 19:06:00
Kirkuk (NINA) An agreement announced in Kirkuk on Saturday, Dec. 29, between the Arab Political Council (APC) and Badr Organization; it is the first since 2003.

APC official, Hussein Ali Saleh al-Jobouri, said, "Today, we have reached an agreement with Badr Organization in Kirkuk to establish Joint Operation Room to watch the general situation in the province."

He pointed out that Badr and APC agreed on setting mechanism for defending Kirkuk, and they have sent message to the Federal Government to stick for keeping Kirkuk Arab and Iraqi.

In a press conference held in Kirkuk, member of the National Alliance and Badr official in Kirkuk, Mohammed Mehdi al-Bayati, said that the Organization and APC have agreed to establish a Joint Operations Room to keep an eye on the situation in Kirkuk; he stressed that Kirkuk is Iraqi and it will not be ceded to whoever side.

He stressed that both sides have called on the Federal Government to activate its role in Kirkuk, specially its security responsibilities; announcing that the Organization has formed an Arab consultative body in Kirkuk aimed to help the excluded Arabs and demands their rights.