A deal to develop Iraqi-French banking cooperation


After Iraq and France to conclude a joint memorandum in an effort to develop banking cooperation between the two countries, applauded open financial expert with the international community, in particular with States sponsoring major economies.

The expert said THAMER Azzawi» morning»: the Paris meeting produced positive results soon will be reflected on the Iraqi job market after being signed agreements soon.

He noted that highlighted the consensus, promote cooperation between France and Iraq Bank, noting that the next meeting in Baghdad will witness the launch of real cooperation between Baghdad and Paris.

Iraqi businessmen Union was Qar branch has participated in the regular meeting of the Board of the employers between Iraq and France attended by the representative of the Federation of businessmen Qar and member of the Board of the Iraqi-French employers just ekab Hussein Hasnaoui and representatives of the Governments of Iraq and Iraq's Ambassador to France and French and a representative of the Ministry of oil, Minister of housing under Secretary Shaher Blythe and Chief Investment Sami Al-araji.

Said the akab» morning»: it was to discuss several important topics that French companies have a role in the entry of genuine partnerships in preservation and open horizons of joint cooperation between Iraqi companies, particularly in the Dhi and European companies through the investment process.

He urged to revitalize this body all her joints to facilitate the tasks of the local, Arab and foreign investor in vital and important projects, appreciating the great efforts for the success of these meetings that lasted three days in Paris.

He also noted that a memorandum of understanding has been agreed between the Iraqi and French sides banking.

In turn the economic affairs specialist said Ahmed charged important orientation to global economies and its role in achieving the country's economic viability, pointing out that Iraq need advanced banking technologies where big workload awaiting Iraq in coming years in all Iraqi cities in production and service sectors.

And costly international efforts require banking services capable of banking operations of large numbers required by the investment process, as local banks, particularly their own competing products must provide products of branches of foreign banks opened branches in Iraq.