• Banks, Rafidain and Rasheed sign a contract with a foreign company for the acquisition of the banking system overall
    July 26, 2016

Our economy / Baghdad
Signed bank Rafidain and Rasheed, a contract with an international company for the acquisition of the banking system overall.
A statement by the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance, the agency received our economy News, a copy of which, today, "in order to keep pace with global technological developments in the Iraqi banking business, and its contribution to the work to overcome the financial crisis and the development sectors of the country's economic, to help to cope with financial volatility by participating activities investment and finance long industrial and agricultural sectors term within the automation of the banking business concepts, signed a bank Rafidain contract advisory and Rasheed with a company [Ernst & Young] world for the acquisition of the overall banking system, which will be applied in the two banks mentioned, to achieve the objectives referred to above, and during the period of 125 actual working days to complete the history of direct action. "