Ki-moon's envoy to the Arab summit: Iraq demands the protection of civilians and must end the Syrian fighting

Nouakchott - Iraq Press - July 25: warned theenvoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki - moon, to the Arab summit the 27 its session , which started its activities in theMauritanian capital , Nouakchott, on Monday, ofthe consequences of the failure to take the Iraqi government the necessary measures to protect civilians during the course of heated battles againstthe so - called organized Daash.

He continued, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, in his speech at the Arab summit , " We commend theprogress made ​​in military confrontations against al Daash in Iraq and urge you to support these efforts," but he also said , "but that the Government of Iraq to take measures all to protect civilians during military confrontations."

He went Ould Cheikh Ahmed "on the Arab leaders to use their influence with the Syrian parties to put an end to the fighting either on the situation in Yemen, there is a continuous effort in Kuwait continues to stop the fighting there , " stressing that "dialogue is the way Alouhadlaejad peace in the Arab countries experiencing civil wars ".

And increased envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations to the summit "on the Palestinian and Israeli sides to work with the Quartet 's efforts to find a political solution, and that Israel stop expanding illegal settlement, as should the Palestinian factions to overcome their differences and condemn terrorism in all its forms," ​​praising "Lebanon as a model of coexistence in diversity and clinging to them in accordance peaceful, and the election of a Lebanese president at the earliest. "