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Baghdad discussed balancing 2017 with the World Bank next week

 Baghdad/long press

Detect economists Sunday, Baghdad meeting with the International Monetary Fund, 28 this month to study the Iraq budget for 2017 and their commitment to the recommendations of the World Bank, with an enemy that those recommendations are necessary and in the interests of the country,

"Deputy criticized the Warka Bank recommendations block" might interest foreign capital."

Economic expert said in an interview with the beautiful name Antoine (range), "a delegation from the Ministry of finance and some specialists will meet with IMF, 28 this month, stating that" the meeting will examine the Iraq budget for 2017.

Antoine said, "the meeting will discuss Iraq's commitment to the recommendations of the World Bank stipulated by to lend to Iraq, which include tax and activation scale waste and activating non-oil resources," not "to be the focus of talks about the oil price will be calculated according to him, the budget should not be higher than the market price."

The Economist said in an interview with Majid (long press), "the World Bank's recommendations are necessary and in the interests of the country being called to reduce operational expenditure and not investment.

Mock promised that "resorting to reduce expenses for special grades and general budget funds will be supplemented protections."

Turn the House Member said Warka block Joseph speaking to ُليوه (long press), "the World Bank's recommendations and his interference in the work of the Government and determine the budget, a move that may hurt the interests of foreign capital, accusing the World Bank not to take into account the interest of the country".

He was a financial adviser to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, revealed in the (16 August 1912), the end of the Ministry of finance budgeting 2017, and stressed the submission to Cabinet for discussion during next September, noting that its value would be approximately $82 billion at the price charged $40 a barrel