Kuwaiti media delegation: we have seen in Baghdad, people rush to the life and the advancement of their country and its reconstruction


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Kuwaiti media delegation said we have seen in the capital , Baghdad , people rush to the life and theadvancement of their country and its reconstruction.
The Kuwaiti press delegation visited the headquarters of the Iraqi official television channel for the nature of the work progress and discuss ways to enhance media cooperation of all kinds in order to serve the interests of thetwo brotherly countries.
And stop the delegation on how the space and ground Albuthain mechanism of the channel where toured Astdyohatha and identify the technical and administrative channel sections as Learn about the different channels and the method of administration of the canal under the circumstances experienced by the country.
the vice president of the Arab journalists ' Union deputy editor of the Journal news] Kuwaiti Adnan Rashid told a news briefing on the tour sidelines of the delegation 's visit to Baghdad comes under what experienced by Iraq from exceptional circumstances to brief on the situation there on the ground and transfer the image to the media and the Kuwaiti society.
He said Al - Rashed said , "We have seen people rush in Baghdad on life and their insistence on the advancement of their country and its reconstruction and building friendly relations with the rest of the peoples of the region in spite of all that seen in the Iraqi arena of political bickering . "
Al - Rashed praised the role exerted by the Iraqi Union of journalists led by the head of the Arab journalists Union and the Iraqi journalists Syndicate pro - Lami and members of the Bar Council and advisory body where all theemployees for their duration of the visit of an effort.
He spoke highly of the great cooperation of the Iraqi media , which opened the doors institutions of the Kuwaiti delegation welcoming the visit and the consolidation of bilateral cooperation.
He expressed sincere thanks and gratitude to the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi for the warm reception and generous hospitality Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for their tremendous in facilitating the People delegation mission. He
also expressed his thanks to the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Kuwait Mohammad Bahr al- Ulum and embassy staff Iraqi their good cooperation and facilitate the visit procedures.
He commended Rashed your kind efforts of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry always in facilitating things all thedelegations representing the Kuwaiti information abroad , whether press or the media.
He noted the significant role of the Ambassador of Kuwait to Iraq , Ghassan Al- Zawawi and all members of theembassy who have made ​​every effort In order to provide all that is needed delegation members during their visit.
The Kuwaiti delegation media paid a visit to Baghdad and met with President of the Republic and the Speaker of Parliament, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister and a number of Kiedt political blocs and visited a number of media and press institutions.