Governor of the Central Bank reveals phantom accounts for filming and smuggling money to Jordan
Date: Monday 12/31/2012 10:33 pm

Revealed Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi in an interview told renaissance of Secrets s mysteries involved the issue of smuggling of money laundered after addressing Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan.

Shabibi said information has reached us that a leader of the Liberal bloc Chairman of the Integrity Commission, the process of money laundering and smuggling and fictitious names on personal accounts in Jordan.

Shabibi said that the information that has reached us confirm the involvement of al-Araji, the matter, noting that he uses the name (Thaer Ahmed Jumaili) to send money to his personal account in Jordan.

He stressed that the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan responded for Mtthbta command name (Thaer Jumaili) owns more than 8 billion Iraqi dinars and that's just in the banks of the Jordan. Completed

And Thaer Ali, alias Paljmala an agent working in the Iraqi Intelligence Service and after the unjust siege became a commercial agent for the Iraqi government and its senior officials and it was one of his duties exchange coupons oil for food and money laundering sons Iraqi officials and trafficking whiskey and cigarettes for the Olympic Committee then