01/01/2013 20:56:00
Ramadi (NINA) Sheikh Abdul Malik al-Sa'adi, said that the Minister of Defence and Commander of Anbar Operations requested forming a committee representing demonstrators and protestors to negotiate and report their demands to Baghdad to study them and implement them to put an end to the protest.

In a statement to NINA on Tuesday, Jan. 1, Sa'adi said that he met with Defence Minister, Sadoun al-Dulaimi, and officers of Anbar Operations Command, to implement the protestors' demands to end their protest.

Sa'adi did not specify the place and time of his meeting with the Defence Minister, he only said that Dulaimi will relay the protestors' demands to the government.

He demanded the protestors and demonstrators in Anbar to call for their unity and the unity of Iraq with all its spectrums, ethnics and sects.

Sa'adi called on the protestors and demonstrators not to allow politician and political parties to manipulate them and benefit from their gains and legitimate demands.