Experts: we aspire to make the Iraqi dinar portion of international reserves
“Experts regard financial ambition that the Iraqi dinar is adopted as part of international reserves, through the establishment of a strong economy boosts value of local currency.”

Both of these quotes provide two bits of very important information.
1. The dinar will be “part of international reserves” which means central banks will buy the dinar we hold. Which confirms the description and plan above.
2. A “strong economy enhances the value.” Again, this confirms no overnight RV but a gradual appreciation “float” over time based on the establishment of a strong economy.

Now you have the plan. Now you know…this will gradually achieve a high rate. All we can do is sit back and watch for the float of the New Iraqi dinar.
Clearly, there are several references to a free float of the NID in that. Believe me, they would not have signed a contract with a “facilitator” to impliment the plan if it was not the plan.
The good new is its a float which means we can make a lot of money watching the dinar rise.
The citizens are making it very clear what they want the CBI and GOI to do – Iraqiya TV is now broadcasting what the people are demanding. The citizens are demanding the IQD to be
taken to 1:1 with the US$!!