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Thread: The largest solar power station in Abu Dhabi

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    Default The largest solar power station in Abu Dhabi

    The largest solar power station in Abu Dhabi
    Company has signed a "source" the UAE in partnership with France and Ispainp companies to build the largest station in the world to generate solar electricity at a cost of 600 million dollars, reflecting the United Arab Emirates seeking to diversify energy sources, and greater reliance on renewable ones.
    It will be the French oil giant Total and Obnjua Spanish station, which is called "sun one" production capacity of up to one hundred megawatts of electricity, in partnership with the "source" which will have a share of 60% of the project, compared with 40% of its partners.
    It is scheduled to begin work at the station next month, the site is located 120 km southwest of Abu Dhabi, to be completed in 2012.
    Said Mohammed Al Zaabi, Project Manager of the "source" in an interview with Al Jazeera, the building of the station reflects the need of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - which has become this year the seat of the International Agency for Renewable Energy, pointing out that the new project, which will be added to large-scale projects others include the construction of four nuclear power stations to produce electricity at a cost of 40 billion dollars, will start work in the first of 2012, is also a response to expectations of significant growth of energy demand in the coming years in light of the huge expected growth of Abu Dhabi until 2020.
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