MP Najib: 2017 budget "austerity" and the region's share 17 percent

Said MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party Najiba Najib, on Sunday, that the federal budget for 2017 is' austerity budget ', and the share of the Kurdistan region of 17 percent.

Confirmed Najib in a press statement, he said that the ' 2017 budget austerity is built on the basis of $ 42 per barrel, but after that initial estimates suggest $ 35 per barrel of oil, and the ratio of the deficit was very high, reaching more than 30 trillion dinars, it was amended budget estimate of 42 dollars per barrel of oil. '

She added that "this amendment was to reduce theexisting federal Almizanh the 2017 deficit of 30 trillion dinars to 20 trillion Iraqi dinars."

She pointed out that ' the share of the Kurdistan Region in the 2017 budget comes at the same items that were in the budget in 2015 and 2016, and is share of 17 percent, but not disbursed due to political problems between Erbil and Baghdad. "

Finally , she said, that ' the bulk of the Iraqi budget goes to the security sector and defense, there are directions to the parliament and the Iraqi government to incorporate elements of the popular crowd with the armed forces under theumbrella of the Ministry of Defence, mind part of the Iraqi armed forces, where a large part of the budget goes to thepopular crowd, resulting in a significant impact on the Iraqi budget.