02/01/2013 20:58:00
Ramadi (NINA) Coordination Committee of Ramadi Protest issued a document stating a number of demands as a condition to end their protest.

The document summarized the demands in release detainees and bring negligent before justice, stopping the execution of death sentences, holding work of Article 4-Terrorism until it is abrogated by Parliament, enacting General Amnesty Law, put Justice and Accountability Law on hold and achieve balance in all of the state's institutions.

The demands included also abolishing operations commands in all Iraq's provinces, ban sectarian slogans, hold general census under the UN supervision, stop random raid and abolish the Secret Informer Law, speed up forming a professional Supreme Court, the return of Relinquish the Sunni's mosques and properties that have been taken over and abolish Law No. 19/2005.

Many religious scholars, Mainsly Sheikh Abdul Malik al-Sadi, declared their support to the demands listed in the statement.

Anbar and other provinces are witnessing protests and demonstrations, they demand the release of innocent detainees, rectify the government's course.

For his part, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki insinuated that he might use force to end the protests. In an address to the people, he said that some of the demands are legitimate, while others contradict the country's political system. He warned from terrorists and former supporters of former slipping amid the protestors to create chaos and threaten national untiy.

Maliki stressed that legal responsibilities requires security forces to confront whoever tries to harm the peoples' supreme interests and threatens the unity and sovereignty.