IMF disrupt the arrival of the budget to the parliament and weights adopting mid-December

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Parliamentary Finance Committee carried, on Thursday, the International Monetary Fund and the responsibility for delaying the arrival of the draft fiscal budget for the House of Representatives to change the law because of the price of a barrel of oil speculative, as likely mid-December next endorsement.

The committee member said Sarhan, Ahmad told / information / "The Council of Ministers decided to delay sending the budget bill to the Presidency of the Parliament because of the decision of the International Monetary Fund Judge price change speculative for a barrel of oil from $ 35 to $ 43," noting that "the change mentioned push the government committee in charge to change all the financial revenues and tables and graphs disbursements ministries and institutions. "

"The Presidency of the Council of Representatives Select the fifteenth of October, the current date for the receipt of the draft budget of the Council of Ministers Law and Bouklavha would delay the receipt of a whole month," likely mid-December next endorsement. "
And it announced that the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, in September, the end of the talks with the International Monetary Fund for the judge to grant five billion dollars in financial support in exchange for changing the price of a barrel of oil at $ 35 to $ 43 per barrel.