Parliamentary Finance: today the delivery date for the government's budget to the parliament in 2017


[Special Oan-]
parliamentary finance committee, announced that on Saturday , October 15 handover of government to draft federal state for the 2017 fiscal budget bill to the House of Representatives.

A member of the Commission, Sarhan , Ahmad, told all of Iraq [where] "We have not received so far , the budget bill is assumed by the contexts used and the instructions in the past years that we receive this day , October 15."
However , "but this does not prevent the delayed schedule , has received the budget in 2015 in the month ofJanuary of the same year and in 2016 also delayed and this delay does not result in any penal action , "adding" we need to discuss the budget and this does not go beyond the month and I expect approval later this year. "
he attributed Sarhan" delayed budget to the continuation of discuss the government in regards to the price of oil and the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil , in addition to technical matters in arranging the budget tab ,"pointing out that" to reduce the budget deficit of 32 trillion dinars to 14 trillion within the government 's plans to cut costs and therefore the deficit is reduced. "
the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi revealed on the fourth of October for reducing the amount of the deficit in thebudget for fiscal 2017 from 32 trillion dinars to 15 Trliuna.