Daesh leader killed after escaping from Mosul

Published on: Today, 03:49

Russian Sputnik Agency said, citing Iraqi sources, said that the organization Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi probably died in the interval between Iraq and Syria, the region affected by serious injury did not recover from it.

The source speculated the killing of al-Baghdadi, who became slow and heavy movement since the injury is very strong, which suffered in the liberation battles Anbar, western Iraq, about a year ago.

The source added that al-Baghdadi, did not exceed his health despite his treatment in Mosul, after damage to his liver, and the entire left Gannbh, making him unable to move completely in the first months following the injury.

The source added that the death of al-Baghdadi, very likely, despite the news that said since the beginning of the attack on Mosul he lay dying in the district of Al-Baaj, located 100 kilometers west of Mosul.

The source hypothesis, the death of al-Baghdadi, but the news was not announced by the organization, to prevent the complete collapse in its ranks after losing most of the leaders in the many processes that preceded the battle to liberate Mosul.