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    Lightbulb Rasheed Bank intends to apply to transfer your money IBAN system 10-20-2016

    Rasheed Bank intends to apply to transfer your money IBAN system

    News / Baghdad
    announced the Rasheed Bank , on Thursday, expressed its intention of introducing its IBAN system to transfer money in and out of Iraq , referring to the use of the overall banking system through the application of this system.

    The bank manager Rashad Khudair in a statement Sumerian received News, " Thebank has a cycle training on the use of IBAN issuing bank banking customers own identity program , "noting the importance of " the program in the unification of thebank accounts of all banks operating in Iraq figures in preparation for the use of the banking system overall, which leads to improving the level of financial and banking services. "

    He Khudair , "it was a timetable for lecturing on the branches and staff of the current account and savings managers to explain the importance of the International Bank Account Number setting , " noting that " the bank will pay under this system to transfer money in and out of Iraq for all customers bank through that account."

    Mentions Iraqi banks have not kept pace with developments in the work of international banks developments, and has been linked through the use of telephone and fax machines, and did not interfering internet only after the year 2004 and is seeking the Ministry of Finance to the banks associated with them to develop through theintroduction of modern technologies and linking banks globally automatically, to facilitate the transfer of funds to and from Iraq.

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    awesome news

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