Rivers called dollar selling to citizens by 3000 dollars according to the controls


Economy News , Baghdad.

Announced Rafidain Bank on Tuesday announced the launch of selling the dollar for the citizens and by 3000 dollars according to the guidelines and instructions, noting that the sale will be priced at 1200 dinars per dollar.

The press office of the bank in a statement his economy News received a copy of the bank began firing sell thedollar to the beneficiaries in accordance with the regulations and by three thousand dollars per person compared with 1200 dinars per dollar. the

office continued that based on the Central Bank 's guidelines and the need for citizens to buy dollars when traveling outside the country decided to launch sales by 17 branches in Baghdad and the provinces and controls inaccordance with the bank, pointing out that the conditions required to submit the recipient 's passport with a ticket and the reason for his need for dollars for the purposes of treatment and official scholarship, study and other reasons convincing.

He explained that the right of one person to get three thousand dollars only.