The Macmillan Company and British efforts for the development of English language teaching schools Kurdistan Region-Iraq

Ibrahim - Erbil

Produced Macmillan Company British competent to prepare the educational curricula to teach the English language, a set of educational programs interesting to support the school curriculum and books Sunrise 1-6 taught in all schools in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, according to the educational system to talk to the Ministry of Education, to be substantive and modern educational methods to support teachers and supervisors in the teaching of these modern books.

These books have been produced by technical experts and educators with the latest European technical methods Poseidon the United Kingdom in London.

The Chassoar Kamal Mahmoud Regional Director for the Macmillan Company in the Kurdistan region of Iraq: this was filmed technical materials Kurdistan Region of Iraq by a European group of competent jurisdiction, was of British art editing studios.

Chassoar and Abizaid said: "We've provided these works of art free of charge to the Ministry of Education Government of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and that service to future generations and help them to learn English.

He also said that all the costs of these programs have been covered by the British company, was printed in sufficient quantities of CDs the DVD of this work, for all Directorates of the Kurdistan province of Iraq, and the Directorate of Education in Educational Kurdish Kirkuk.