Source: Al-Sabah - 09/08/2010

South Refineries plans to top the list of refiners in the Middle East

Signed contracts for the production of 700 thousand barrels per day of derivatives

South Refineries Co. unveiled a plan to raise its production capacity to 700 thousand barrels per day to become the largest filter in the Middle East, while announced the signing of contracts with foreign consulting firms to create a great Msfiin in Dhi Qar and Maysan.

The director of the company Abdel Nasser Hussain said he had signed 15 contracts with consulting firms winning tour of licenses for the preparation of investment contracts and engineering plans for the establishment of Msfii Dhi Qar and Maysan.

He pointed out that the length of the next few will be signed contract for the construction of Dhi Qar refinery giant, the biggest in the Middle East with a capacity of up to 300 thousand barrels per day, at an investment cost of 11 billion dollars.

He also announced the signing of 15 contracts with the winning companies a tour of licenses for the establishment of refinery Maysan large production capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day, and investment cost of between 6-7 billion dollars, pointing out that the refinery is the second largest in Iraq after the Baiji, which produces daily 150 A barrel.

He added that the companies will design 15 units refining high-tech and sophisticated aimed at maximizing production of oil derivatives, especially gasoline, oil, gas, indicating that the contracts signed in the UK last month, attended by the Deputy Minister of Oil for oil refining and gas Ahmad Chandler.

Director-General of South Refineries Company pointed out that Msfii Maysan and Dhi Qar Mttoran technology and made up of units refining complex modern techniques not seen in Iraq and many countries of the Middle East.

He suggested that national professional staff does not have sufficient experience to conclude contracts, which requires the use of experts or expert bodies dealing with this technology and the best selection of companies to implement them.

In this regard, stressed that he had signed two contracts with the company to "chew" on the refinery, Maysan and the "Kostlss and Lehrer" on the refinery, Dhi Qar, saying they are consulting companies Ingelisitan specialized ensuring the rights of the concessionaire (human knowledge), contract preparation, investment and engineering plans and present them to specialized companies to establish refineries and choose the best of them to sign a contract with them.

Nasser described the consulting firms as a "protector" of human South Refineries Company, as by the preparation of contracts and liaison with the corporate executive and attend discussions and negotiations and all stages of the contract until the signing of the contracts.

With respect to the ceiling time to contract with the executing company and the completion of Almsfiin, said: "There is a time spent on consulting firms in the preparation of franchising schemes engineering and then connect to corporate performance that will be the winner of which place a time limit for the stages of implementation and achievement, and we are still in the process of luring corporate executive eligible to invest in such projects is huge.

Nasser's plan to raise the productive capacity of the Basra refinery from the current 140 thousand barrels a day to reach the next two years to enter the unit refining a third under construction capacity of 70 thousand barrels of production is 210 thousand barrels and up to 250 thousand barrels per day, which accounts for 35 percent of production local levels, adding that "the implementation of these projects are South Refineries Company's largest filter in the Middle East."