Parliament: Hosting bank governor and directors of banks to discuss the reasons for the high dollar prices


# Algmehorah_uz

The economic and investment commission parliamentary plans to host the bank's governor and managers of State-owned banks, soon to understand why the decline in the dollar reserves and rising prices of constant exchange rates.
Although the CBI taking several measures to try to reduce the dollar exchange rate in the domestic market, but it is still witnessing a rise oscillate in some cases up to 1300 dinars to the dollar, while witnessing the bank reserves, in contrast, a sustained reduction.

Central called on citizens and traders to make a complaint to him about banks and the conversion that sell the dollar by more than 1,200 dinars, after sales outlets expanded to include government banks, as the campus last month, three special and 99 banking company from entering sell the currency window banks, because of violating the laws and regulations Bank purchases and sales of foreign currency, but these measures did not also succeed in reducing the exchange rates ,, Central attributed to reasons related to sales of oil and the dollar exchange rate against other currencies.

Because of criticism of members of the House of Representatives of monetary policy followed by the Central, which led to a huge waste in a financial reserve, and its decline from $ 78 billion in 2013 to $ 40 billion during the current year, because it intends to economic and investment commission in Parliament, to host the bank's governor and managers of State-owned banks , soon to understand why the decline in dollar reserves, as well as rising exchange rates, particularly after he said accused members of the Committee of economy and investment parliamentary monetary policy by the central bank of causing the delivery of the dollar in the local market price to more than 1,300 dinars to the dollar, while the official selling price of the bank does not exceed 1200 dinars to the dollar, calling to follow a new policy to sell the currency through the open window for direct sale to the citizens, and at the price prevailing in the market and achieve the benefit for the general budget.

For his part, spokesman for the Iraqi Central Bank Acer's mighty "The reserves of the Central Bank of the file is not a file complicated as described by some, although the process of increase and decrease in the reserve process of nature occur in every country in the world, because it is affected by several factors, the most important national revenues realized from the sales oil, the price of the dollar against other currencies. "