Warka Bank .. Iraqi secrets there shall no details yet

Date: 17:16 2016/11/15


Books / d. Basil Abbas Khudair ...

Warka Bank for Investment and Finance was established in 1999, it is assumed that he aims to actively contribute to the economic development of the country in accordance with the provisions of the Iraqi Central Bank Law and instructions, and the Companies Act and other applicable laws, and that 116 branches the bank in Baghdad and the provinces as well as the offices of other specialized, including brokerage for buying and selling financial stocks and the Office of banking foreign currency and all offices offices has specialized in the provision of banking services, the EBRD had a great deal with all public and mixed sectors of government departments such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Works and municipalities and the municipality of Baghdad and advisory councils for the city of Baghdad and General Motors Co. (via Marketing cars) and the General Company for construction materials and national Company for chemical and plastic Industries, Inc. Baghdad for soft drinks and others, it has been the bank's assets amounted to 694 billion dinars, 105 billion dinars, and its capital in 2010, and truth be told that the bank during the first years of its foundation was managed in a manner efficient by economic and banking figures It is known for its history associated with many of the successes in the field of jurisdiction.

At a time when some believe that the Warka Bank will Mnaksa government bank inside Iraq or to be the level of regional and international private banks, the bank saw fallen to mildly that fall dramatically and unexpectedly and contrary to all opinions and indicators of development and high performance levels, between overnight Warka Bank became insolvent and unable to meet withdrawals customers do not receive their deposits under the pretext that he was suffering from an administrative crisis, when issued directives regarding the lack of dealing with private banks regarding the opening of letters of guarantee and the granting of banking facilities, and instead of taking the bank management procedures to ensure the depositors 'and investors' rights through assumption or merger or other processors, they let down the large number of dealers with the bank branches in Baghdad and the provinces and outside of Iraq, through the disappearance of the administration and not to appear or speak out and reassure depositors on the safety of their deposits, but it began to close or suspend the work of some branches and only run the headquarters of the bank in Khilani Square which was transformed into a place of false promises and evasion of the public and managed by junior staff.

During the years 2010 - 2016 has not caught depositors only promises incorrect because the money was not returned to them and all of what has been a distraction some it is the distribution of payments in the amount of 750 thousand dinars, or million dinars every three or four months and the way the bureaucracy was supposed condemnation and hold negligent, because the disabled Returns the amounts deposited in dinars or the dollar by the Bank under the authority of the Central Bank of Iraq is the apparent violation and clear to the Constitution, which stated in many articles to maintain private ownership of man is like the disposal of the 56 group who are do not meet their promises, not devoid of those dull life dealing with the bank from the past promote rosy news or other colors not to depositors involved in it such as placing the commandments and lifting and undergo domestic arbitration and then pass the international arbitration, what is the benefit of the news and the delays and money of Iraqis unaccounted for seven years and there is no light at the end of the tunnel limit today, and most unhappy that the Commissioner and the chairman and members of Director Governing Council in a state of complete absence from the interview depositors to inform them of what is going on in the media regarding the declaration or the date on which will be the return of funds to depositors who have declined to half their money because of the low purchasing power and high rates of inflation in prices.

Some might say that the Warka is not Ahli only bank that failed the customers because there is another civil banks did the same with the public was the central bank lifted a finger about them, and they say that other banks did not fade from view as the Warka did as they remained in touch with their audience a pay them money as they become available have the liquidity and the banks did not act Ptaala with depositors as the Warka reaction, which left a number of employees in Khilani Square do not have any powers not memorized only the word (do not know), we add it to the Warka Bank (spoiled) government for reasons we do not know yet been subjected to the care and tenderness of the Central Bank of Iraq, as has been allowed to enter the US dollar auction a day over a year ago, and at the time of writing this article (15/11/2016), the Warka Bank transactions in the auction currency for the day amounted to 4, $ 8 million of which $ 2.8 million and two million dollars Kaatmadat Khawwalat, and this amount is a daily occurrence, a real amounts are included in leaflets CBI.

The question that has not permitted its secrets after that must be answered by the Iraqi Central Bank and the competent committees in the House and the Integrity Commission and other stakeholders auction dollar for those who go millions or billions of dollars, which handles the Warka Bank when the dollar buys from the central, closed the doors and the Warka and has no dealings with depositors and drawers and government agencies ordered to stop dealing with him, and the Council of Ministers demands that it be held accountable stakeholders why depositors in the Warka Bank money will not be returned and are Iraqi citizens, as long as the Warka solvency daily to deal with the Central Bank through the purchase of $ 5 million per day ( on average), and the right to depositors to ask who was to resort to it to re-legitimate rights after he knocked on every door, including demonstrations, without interest, and in that do not want anyone to explain the circumstances through which the bank because it is responsible for solving its problems and restore depositors' money through liquidation or selling assets or borrowing or merger or division adversaries or in any way restore rights, without procrastination and prolong the waiting, Depositors are not partners in the bank, but money holders and the duty of the bank and government stakeholders to force him to return their money immediately, and in the case of non-fulfillment of this legal right, the tens Israr questions will go on and the reasons for silence on the Warka Bank, which buys millions of dollars a day from the depositors' money and did not distract them dinars after.