New measures to curb manipulation in hard currency and the elimination of the monopoly speculators .. adviser Abadi's "Zora": the central bank intends to reduce the price of the dollar and inflation is the lowest in half a century

Zora / Laith Jawad:
Prime Minister for Financial Affairs Advisor to detect the appearance of Mohammed Saleh , the central bank 's determination to reduce the dollar exchange rate against the dinar by eliminating the monopoly of the dollar operations by some speculators, as explained that inflation in Iraq , not to exceed the 2 percent, the least since 50 years in the history of Iraq, stressed the economic expert Majid picture directed the bank to take new measures to rein in prices of speculative operations. Saleh said in an interview for «Zora»: The Bank operates in two directions, the first reduction of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, the second direction to stabilize the exchange rate in the country, noting that the rise in the dollar exchange rate caused by speculation by the traders if the exchange rate difference between The bank market of 10 points. Saleh added: that the bank was able to eliminate the monopoly power in those Alasouk or has been able to penetrate through to meet the market needs of hard currency, stressing that the central bank sales and large meet the market 's needs.
Saleh pointed out that the Iraqi market is dependent on the dollar zones and of East Asian countries that suffer from depression and low prices, explaining that the amount of inflation in Iraq is at least 50 years ago , if a 2% which is very low compared with the countries of the world. Meanwhile , a economist Majid picture in an interview with«Zora»:

The general orientation of the central bank is working to restore the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar to its former glory in collaboration with government banks, indicating that the bank seeks to make way for government banks to carry out sale the dollar put pressure on speculators in the markets.

He explained the picture: that the dollar price depends on demand and supply process, which is always exploited by speculators to achieve personal benefits, noting that the bank start new measures to reduce the price of the dollar against the dinar,

but this process may take time to reach the desired end. Image stressed that the success of this approach needs to be concerted all government institutions, particularly the border crossing points and in the efforts of all kinds throughout the country and carry out its required role and limit the operations of corruption in addition to the tax
He said economic experts, yesterday, the low price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar after the central bank to take several measures in collaboration with some private banks, indicating that the decline occurred in the US dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar by almost eight points. He explained: that this decline comes after the Central Bank of Iraq has taken several measures in collaboration with some private Iraqi banks Almltzmh.ahar to the US dollar in the Iraqi market is equal to 1290 Iraqi dinars.