In the parliamentary Finance Member: it can pass the budget today, despite the dispute over dues region


[Oan- special]
He favored the parliamentary finance committee member, the possibility of passage of the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2017 Act.

Said Ahmed Sarhan told all of Iraq [where] that "the proportion of the budget passed today 50% of our universe so far we do not reach a final formula on the export of oil from the Kurdistan region in exchange for delivery of entitlements province of salaries and social welfare."

"There are disagreements over oil and salaries between the center and the region but it is possible to pass the budget and this is what our meetings will be determined before the parliament session today."

The House of Representatives held on Saturday, its regular and limited his schedule to vote on the budget for fiscal 2017, after it was postponed voting in Thursday's meeting because of disagreements on the entitlements of the Kurdistan region.

The Finance Committee will hold a pre-hearing meetings with Kurdish blocs and the National Alliance, to discuss the dispute over the draft budget for 2017 on entitlements of the province and the salaries of the popular crowd Act.