Finally .. withdraw your money in Iraq from ATM

December 5, 2016

Baghdad peace Zidane

CBI launched the National divider that allows the holder of a credit card issued by a state bank and a special withdraw money from any automated teller machine ATM is widespread across the country.

And allowed the central bank to credit card holders of the Bank of the Iraqi trade as well as four private banks are Baghdad and the Middle East, Assyria and civil withdraw money from any ATM and before the end of this month will be added other banks.

The central bank said in a press statement received "night", the bank put the court to work the National divider system plan as a first stage to run five banks and companies collect POS, while will be starting off with the rest of the other exporting banks for payment cards before the end of this year.

"The National divider system that connects banks communications network will facilitate the one where a lot of banking matters and will eliminate routine followed in reviewing the banks will be completed transactions as soon as possible, through electronic payment instruments represented the credit cards of all kinds."

He criticized the financiers, economists, the central bank for the delay to the launch of the National divider which countries around the world began work done since the start of an ATM machine.

The executive director of the Association of private banks, Tariq Ali, for "night", "The National divider system is a system linking banks and one for conducting money transfer and payment less Bklv process used inside Iraq."

"The costs will increase if used outside the country, while possible to deposit funds and receive from any bank linked to the National divider system."

For his part, money expert, Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani said the "night", "The activation of the National divider step too late and that the countries of the world are working with for a long time."

He stressed that "the National divider would do electronic banking culture and easy drag-and-filing process."

"The problem is related by banks and their ability to assume responsibility, especially that some of the large reputable banks collapsed overnight, such as North and Dar es Salaam."

However, an expert economy Sumaisem peace, she said that "activating the National divider system is a good step, but it's too late and raises the suspicion it's done after all the scandals about the auction currency and smuggling of hard currency."