Iraqi dinar lacks stability against foreign currencies, and continuous complaint


ARA News / Ahmed Schweich - howler

See economists from Iraq and the owners of money exchange shops in Erbil / Irbil central capital of Iraqi Kurdistan market, that the Iraqi dinar live in a state of chaos and instability before the US dizziness and other foreign currencies.


Yousef Qasim shop owner in exchange howler ARA News reported that «the dollar on Thursday, the price of the sale of 1310 Iraqi dinars and 1,300 dinars to buy», adding that «the dinar has seen a slight improvement compared to what it was several months ago, but it is not stable».

Yusuf added that «the general unstable situation in Iraq has led to the decline of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and other foreign currencies as well as increased demand for the dollar and dealing in Iraq and the Kurdistan region.»

The weakness of sovereignty

Saw Gaber Abdel Rahman, an economist based Iraqi howler, in his interview for ARA News that «the main reason for the loss of value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is the weakness of Iraqi sovereignty and the intervention of foreign countries in the Iraqi economy with Iraq's non-interest in the stock exchange and monitoring of global markets».

Abdul Rahman also stressed that «when any country begin to deal in foreign currency on the basic currency account in their markets will inevitably be the fate of the collapse of its currency to its lowest level», adding that «Iraq under the cover debt and neighboring foreign countries».

This was the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi said in an earlier statement to him «The increase in dollar remittances to outside Iraq and the unstable political situation, increase the demand for foreign currencies and invoking the US dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi currency