The central bank reveals the proportion of counterfeit banknotes in Iraqi currency

Direction Press / Baghdad
The central bank on Monday, revealed the proportion of counterfeit banknotes in Iraqi currency, at a time confirmed that he is dealing with a reputable companies in the printing currency, said the cases of counterfeiting Iraqi currency can be easily detected.

The director of the release and cabinets behind the Sultan Abdul Abbas that "banknotes counterfeit Iraqi currency is very little which is about 10 million of each sheet , " stressing that "this figure is considered acceptable to some extent within the international standards."

Sultan added that "fraud exists in all banknotes in the world, whether in dollars and euros and therefore, the Iraqi currency is not Bmnai about it," Mmbana that "cases of fraud that come to the bank are the cases of fraud does not have the power to prevent discovered it once he made the citizen of any small effort to examine the currency forgery will find easily. "

While noting that "the central bank deals with international companies sober in printing currency, including the LG that de German company and Dallarro English," explaining that "the thread and the security window transparent developed in the currency of the security specifications that are difficult to counterfeit, as there are some specifications the security of the Central Bank is not exposed to the public. "

And experiencing some of the local markets, there are some counterfeit Iraqi currency that are traded on the sly in order to pass some of them in order to obtain a financial benefit or discredit them, the latest counterfeit currency from the category of 50,000 dinars discovery.