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Thread: Ten years jail to the director of Iraqi bank embezzled billions of dinars

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    Ten years jail to the director of Iraqi bank embezzled billions of dinars

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    I wonder when they will arrest Al-Warka bank directors for failure to carry out CBI instructions to pay back account holders cash, I hope Al-Bunnia is one of them,
    I would have thought more info would be released about what progress has been done.

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    An Iraqi court today sentenced the director of the Jalawla Bank in Diyala province to 10 years in prison for embezzling 4 billion dinars.
    "An absentee verdict was issued against the former director of the Rafidain Bank - Jalawla branch - serving 10 years in prison; for his embezzlement of more than 4 billion dinars of public money," the Integrity Commission said in a statement Thursday (January 19, 2017).
    "The Criminal Court of Diyala issued an absentee ruling against the convicted (ARRA), former director of the Rafidain Bank branch in the district of Jalawla, Diyala province; for the crime of embezzling the amount of (4,063,646,769) billion dinars of public money."
    "The amounts that the fugitive convicted of embezzlement represents the pensions allocated to the beneficiaries through the bank for the years (2006 to 2014)."
    "The court, as a result of its evidence and evidence, and after reviewing the recommendations of the investigative committee in the Office of the Inspector General of Rafidain Bank and the statements of witnesses, as well as the presumption of escape of the convict, reached the sufficient conviction to criminalize the accused on the basis of the provisions of Article (315) of the Penal Code. "
    "The decision of the absentee court ruling is based on the provisions of article 182 / a fundamentalism, which also includes two paragraphs, the arrest of movable and immovable convict funds, and giving the injured party the right to seek compensation once the decision has been reached."
    The organization was in control of Jalawla in the province of Diyala, in mid-2014, but succeeded Peshmerga forces after fierce battles to recover from the hands of Dahesh before the end of the same year.

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