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Thread: ISX letter to CBI: Warka Bank approved for Relisting

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    My question is will i get a warka share offering for warka when they start trading again like al bunnia said at the start of the litigation,because no one outside will even get a hand fill when it is resolved,his own words.?

    Will I get compensation for my current account.?

    Will I get compensation for my share account.?

    Will I get all cash dividends for my proxy shares.?

    Will I get my proxy shares added to my good name.?

    Will I get my trading platform for ISX.?

    Could think of a few more but they have got to settle a lot of questions first.

    Am still willing to invest in Iraq as I have a lot of confidence that they are moving in the right direction and willing to put a lot of IQD into the ISX. but lets get on the ISX first.
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