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    Non Regular Market

    Can some one explains following Non Regular Market posted on isx bulletin and affect on investors holding.

    And are we doomed yet ??

    According to Iraqi Securities Commission decision NO. 9/3132 in 20/12/2012 1- transfer the following companies to the non - Regular Market because of the decrease in its Trading Days number according to instruction no (15) for 2011 2- opening Trading for Non - Regular Market according from Monday 14/12/2013 from (10-12) . 3- the companies are :Al-Humraa for Insurance ,Al-Khair for Financial Investment, Al-AYaam for Financial Investment, Al-Ameen for Financial Investment , Bain Al-Nahrain Financial Investment , AL- Batek Investment ,Al-Khaima for Finanical Investment ,Al-Ameen Estate Investment,Modern Chemical Industries ,Kirkuk For Producing , Al-Ahlyia for Agricultural Production .

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    There is also a new secondary market (non-regular) report on the ISX website now. Follow the below link and download the report dated 16/01/2013 (the report immediately below report dated 17/01/2013). The monthly bulletin for December 2012 also has Asia Cell listed with a market cap of 270,012 (mn ID).
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