Iraq will Exit from Chapter VII in the Next 2 Months: Al-Abadi

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has confirmed the retention of Iraqi government regarding the documentation of crimes executed by Daesh organization against the people of Mosul city. He also pointed out that it would be harmony for Iraq to exit from the Chapter VII during the coming two months. The State television also confirmed that Al-Abadi said during his weekly press conference that the Iraqi government has documented proves about crimes carried out by Daesh organization against the civilians of Mosul. He also added that the civilians in Mosul are continuously demanding from the Iraqi government for a fastest liberation in their cities. He pointed out that the Iraqi security forces have achieved great efforts in keeping the civilians of Mosul safe during the liberation operations in the Mosul. He added that the international military alliance has evaluated the great and remarkable achievements day after day.He further indicated that Iraq has demonstrated its strength, unity and willpower in Jordan during the Arab summit. He added that the great victory of Aldbou achieved by the Iraq shouldn’t be linked to a person, party or any component, but all Iraqis had participated in its victory. Al-Abadi also pointed out in another separate statement that Iraqi people will see harmony in the coming two months regarding the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII. He responded to a question regarding the ability of Iraqi government to fight against corruption in the economic ministries. The President of Iraqi Parliamentary Integrity Commission, Hassan Al-Yassiri had mentioned its members as Evil. Al-Abadi said that we are fighting against Evils due to the financial criminals had represent the Evils in the State institutions, but the corrupt elements shouldn’t be considered safe. It is important that Iraqi government is working very hard and the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII is one of the last 2 commitments.