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Thread: Gulf Commercial Bank has a meeting

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    Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to receiving my 65,500 free shares but until I can attach a $$ value to it, it is still basically monopoly money to me.

    p.s. Except for Israel, I despise the middle east. Too many years watching these idiots trying to act like they're civilized people.

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    If you own BGUC make a note. As I read this you should eventually be notified of 13.1% free shares of your holdings prior to last year's annual meeting.

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    13.1% is a good deal for free, considering a major international bank is providing all the paid up capital. Didn't Iraq Holding Company of Kuwait already own 51%???

    I'll check back in 2014 when they are finally given to me!

    This is the 3rd bank to do this, Gulf to 104B, Mansour did it to 236B, and Dijlah going to 300B...all by a single entity providing the capital. Majority owners may make this a trend well past the 250B requirement.
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