01/09/2013 (23:00 pm) - The number of readings: 445 - Issue (2696)

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

A report of the Committee parliamentary investigation in the arms deal Russian who got "long", on Wednesday, a copy of that Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces and the Defense Ministry declined to provide the Committee with contracts preliminary deal concluded by the government with the Russian side, while not be the prime minister's questions Committee. In the meantime, downplayed the Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Hassan Sinead importance of the content of this report, saying he merely preliminary report is not the only certificates for certain figures, while received the Integrity Committee of the words Sinead by saying that he "defends involved suspicions of corruption in this deal who in the mass. " The report said that the investigative formed under it Parliament No. 936 in 11/20/2012 met six times "to investigate suspected corruption that marred the arms deal Russia" and heard testimony from both, and Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, a member of the House of Representatives Izzat Shabandar, and speaking government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, and Advisor to the President Abdul Aziz al-Badri, Director of arming, equipping Gen. Zia Abdul-Jabbar, and ground forces commander Lt. Corner Ali Ghaidan, the commander of the Air Defense Staff Lt. Gen. Jabbar Obaid Kazim, and deputy commander of the Army Aviation Brigade pilot corner return outsider Abdullah, and General Muhannad Jawad Hassan of The Secretariat General, and Director of Legal Affairs at the Directorate General of arming and processing Brigadier jurist rich Hussein Shamkhi, and Dean Baker Ahmed Nayef from the Directorate General of Budget and Programs, Director of Engineering Army Aviation Brigadier Engineer Mazen Mohsen Hassan, assistant general manager of arming, equipping Asaad Abboud star. The report presents the conclusions reached by the investigative committee, namely: 1 - There are contracts for Russian arms deal signed initialed and signed by the Iraqi side reinforcing director in the Ministry of Defense. 2 - Start financial transactions through overtures and correspondence for Trade Bank of Iraq so (the opening of letters of guarantee). 3 - Negotiations in the majority of cases with the manufacturers of weapons and under the supervision of the Russian Federal Commission for arming. 4 - There is a vast difference between prices initial presentations to the delegation negotiating the first and reached second delegation has been reduced prices in different decades of 9 - 30%. 5 - There is a great exaggeration in the prices of some of the weapons when presenting. 6 - There are non-Iraqi mediators in the transaction on the basis of statements by Ali al-Dabbagh and Izzat Shabandar, who are all from Ali Fayyad, George Nader, Majid al-Qaisi, Yuri. St.. 7 - Do not provide by the Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces or the Department of Defense for the initial decades of the deal but asked the Commission to be found in their offices. 8 - did not respond Prime Minister answer so far only issued from his office of data and interviews.
9 - contracts transaction amounts exceed the powers of the Minister of Defense. 10 - There are financial allocations in the budget of the Ministry of Defense to cover the financial obligations for decades to deal. " The committee recommended to refer the issue to the Integrity Commission and the prosecutor to investigate both: Saadoun al-Dulaimi, Ali al-Dabbagh, Abdulaziz al-Badri, a pregnant Iraqi businessman Nationality Ukrainian Majid al-Qaisi and Lebanese businessmen George Nader, Ali Fayyad, Yuri. St.. Also recommended to listen to the testimony of witnesses and technical delegation negotiator and deputy Izzat Shabandar certificate, and review all previous arms deals and investigated. For his part, Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Hassan Sinead (a coalition of state law) that the Prime Minister is of detecting the presence of suspicions of corruption in the Russian arms deal, and thus have been canceled and technical committees began negotiating for another deal. And reduced Sinead of the importance of the report, which I read the Integrity Committee in parliament, saying that "this report is not only anchor the certificates who named in the media," adding that this "report first and did not sign it for security and defense committee because he needed to analyze more." He noted Sinead in a press conference held in the parliament building and attended the "long" that "the government is also formed an investigative committee in this regard and will raise its report to the judiciary and the integrity which are of outstanding this subject", pointing out that this report "in which some of the facts but the analysis is minutes. " In contrast Re Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Bahaa al-Araji, Sinead's remarks by saying that the latter "to defend the presence of personalities belonging to the State of Law coalition accused of involvement in this transaction." Araji said in a press conference held in parliament and attended the "long" that "vote on the report deal of Russian arms in the session on Wednesday (yesterday) is an achievement of the Council of Representatives," Mtnkda at the same time skeptic of the contents of the report, saying that "there is the Great Commission oversaw the preparation of this report consists of 34 deputies attended, including 25 deputies signed this report, and then sending it to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives. " He added that "those who accuse or not pleased with the content of this report but is encouraged by the corruption and lack of control," explaining that the House of Representatives "voted on this report unanimously through a questionnaire suspicions of corruption that accompanied this transaction." Araji said that "there are brokers entered in this transaction, including the President of the Russian oil company called" Yuri. U "met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki twice by an Iraqi official was also accused of being involved in the transaction.
Araji confirmed "the presence of personalities belonging to the State of Law coalition accused of involvement in this transaction."