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Thread: Other Banks

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    <strong>Same here James!</strong>

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    Working fine now,did have jssues earlier trying post.batman wots the latest word on el warka.anyone.???.

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    This entire forum is bugged/hacked/infected

    ok now as seen in the few reply's thus far I am somewhat relieved that the same fault/error/virus/bug has been seen by a few others, and its just not at my end. James and Calstar have been able to find a back door to view posts, and that is limited but workable.

    It has been this way for about 2 months now it seems, and the forum developers have not reacted to deal with it. From what I have seen in the more current posts only "BATMAN" has been the only person able to post new posts, so he is immune from this event for an unknown reasons.

    what we see so far.......

    -this forum has issues in the software, it could be many things such has a failure at the server level, or an hack/attack virus type situation. This situation seems to "float" from post to post, as the Alexa thread is now unstable, and we are in this new post area to further try to discuss this. Either way the admin devs or owners of this forum have not been seen it to repair or overcome it, or they are simply gone out of business?.

    - The admin peeps are Missing in Action for 2 months now, and we need them to respond somehow to examine this and resolve it if we wish to continue sharing information here. Other wise we fall back on total total guess work by "Dinar Guru propaganda that the RV happened yesterday, over again and again, but yet again maybe next Tuesday"

    - At my end I am unable to find any prompt or path to "create a new account" here, so the few who remain and chime in here is all who can help. There will/can be no new members here now. If I am incorrect on this and you at your end do see such an option to "create a new account" let me know, as it may assist in getting to the bottom cause of this event/situation.

    - I am seeing there appears to be a difference in access when logging in through standard Internet eXplorer, and Goggle Chrome, but neither one allows full normal functions to operate completely.

    - The only solution I see now is to get the attention of the prime server vBulliten people and get them to respond, it could be that the original admin has "abandoned" this for one reason or another. If you have a better idea, please speak up, that is if you can even respond .......
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    tried in this thread too after clearing my cache,,,

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