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Thread: Maliki's bloc: U.S. F-16 aircraft will be used to monitor atmosphere and collecting taxes

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    Default Maliki's bloc: U.S. F-16 aircraft will be used to monitor atmosphere and collecting taxes

    Maliki's bloc: aircraft «F-16» U.S. will be used to monitor the atmosphere and collecting taxes

    11:41:28 / 09/2011

    Khandan - ruled out the Iraqi security source that the resort and Washington to give Baghdad sophisticated weapons such as those used by U.S. forces, pointing out that "America will deliberately not to give Iraq back advanced F-16", as he emphasized Parliament in Security and Defense Committee, said the planes expected requirement of the be a fighter, but to control Iraqi airspace intrusions of the "hostile", as well as benefit from them for commercial purposes.

    A security source said earlier that "the expectations of most security officials reckon equip the Iraqi army and air power is a modern aircraft, particularly those that carry the specifications of the first generations of these types of aircraft."

    The source, who asked "the world" on Tuesday on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the subject, that "the purchase of aircraft is still under study, and in particular they require a number of approvals by the Board of Deputies, the Ministry of Finance, on the grounds that their price should be included in the budget 2012."

    It was Ali al-Moussawi, media advisor to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said in a statement to the Agency (AFP) yesterday, said that "This agreement, which was to pay some exaggeration, is in principle to buy 18 aircraft as a first stage," explaining that "Iraq is seeking to buy 36 fighter."

    He did not give Moussaoui details of the agreement or the date of delivery, not the amounts that have been delivered, but the newspaper (Wall Street Journal), reported that Baghdad had paid one billion and a half billion dollars to buy about 18 aircraft of the model in question, according to officials in Washington.

    The source pointed out that security, "former Defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi, who led the negotiations is the deal in the United States about a month ago, as the Prime Minister's Advisor for Military Affairs."

    Acknowledge the source, "with skepticism great intentions in Iraq, prevent the receipt of sophisticated weapons," and expressed his belief that "no one trusts in Iraq, including the United States, which will seek to equip planes different uninterrupted from those possessed by some countries, particularly Egypt and the Gulf States".

    The source expected that "Iraq receives between 4-6 aircraft end of the year as a down payment first, especially before the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country, that the processing is complete the remainder of the number of year-end 2016."

    And the length of the processing period, it was considered the source, "the task of delivery of the aircraft and associated training is not easy, especially the period of training such as this model takes about 3 years," noting that "due to Iraq has 72 aircraft by the year 2020."

    And the leaks that have talked about America's refusal to hand Iraq over this type of aircraft, the source said that "there is a strategic alliance between Iraq and America, and therefore limit the purchase of arms would be in the latter specifically, without other countries, whether China, which do not have sophisticated weapons, or Russia, which produce weapons comparable to American arms."

    For his part, went Abbas al-Bayati, a member of a coalition of state law, and member of the security and defense committee of parliament that "the need for aircraft (F-16) is the pressing security and strategy, on the grounds that he can not protect the Iraqi airspace without these aircraft," adding, "not necessarily be that fighter aircraft, but in order to protect Iraq's airspace from any penetrating military, as well as benefit from trade."

    "The world" I asked al-Bayati, whether he meant the American fighters purchased by Iraq, would not be armed with missiles, but equipped only with sophisticated control of the atmosphere, but he refused to give details of more, saying only that "the country needs between 20 and 30 aircraft, and especially to control atmosphere needs to fly continuously, 24 hours, which require a large number of aircraft. "and on the response to the statements that suggested that are not processed in America, the Iraqi army, aircraft specifications developed, he stressed that" Iraq needs to aircraft with high specifications and sophisticated, and the Directorate of armament in the Ministry of Defence is that set those standards, "Xu, saying" The Iraqi army needs to aircraft commensurate with the belief the new military, which built on the basis of the defense, not attack, so we seek to buy aircraft, believes the defense of our territory and our airspace and our waters."

    And on what it meant to benefit from the fighter aircraft business, said al-Bayati said, "Iraqi airspace includes many of the air passages, many of the airlines that have evacuated taxes, financial benefits, requires knowledge of the type of aircraft with sophistication," asserting that "the need for such aircraft will exceed the security and economic aspects, to the strategic areas, navigational and commercial."

    And the extent to inform the Commission on Security and Defence on the deal and its value, he said, "We have informed public on the willingness of the Ministry of Defence contract for the purchase of these aircraft, and wait for the details concerning this matter," noting that "a deal of this kind of competence of the Committee on Contracts and armament in the Ministry of Defence, They are supervised by the specifications and prices, as well as delivery times, and this Committee are determined by the number and type of weapons and aircraft that can be contracted."

    And about the rumors that the deal needs approval from the Ministry of Finance and the House of Representatives, continued al-Bayati said, "We must provide the price of this deal, either through transfers within the general budget, or the allocation of the paragraphs in the budget of 2012 a private, independent, under arm the Iraqi army, away from the budget Department of Defense, "adding," We have to move the conclusion of the deal and finish them, even if we had to conclude the contract on credit."

    But Hassan Jihad, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance and a member of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary denied "the science of his committee, including rumors about this deal, but by what we heard from the adviser to the prime minister," he said, adding, "It seems that the government and financial abundance, which forced them to conclude this deal".

    Jihad said that "the deal, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, old, on the grounds that the House refused to pass within the current year budget, preferring to support the ration card to buy them from America."
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    Hmmm F-16 for collecting taxes ???, may be from fleeing ministers and officials.

    " Them Yankees" What have they done

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    Corrupt ministers, Bank managers and Party officials.
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