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    Prime Minister Dr. Haidar Al-Abadi holds a meeting with the ambassadors of the G7

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    Flooding the Iraqi dinar and stopping the auction is the only solution for the Iraqi economy
    Thursday 15 February 2018

    nder Conference : Kuwait , the results of which are discouraging to solve the problem economic Iraqi especially after the devastation resulting from the grinding war on terrorism must think of radical solutions and take advantage of other peoples experiences
    I want to point to the experience of two states at the time Alhadrohee experience Masrafiqirh powered and experience its Vnzula oil - rich
    experience The brother of the banker Float the Egyptian pound in 2016, which produced my output after only one year of float Flooding first year .. Egypt stronger "in numbers" after the liberalization of the exchange rate .. Cash reserves jump from 19 to 36.5 billion dollars .. And 56 billion dollars in saving imports And $ 13.7 billion Surplus payments and 17.3% increase in foreign transfers
    Floating currency "means that the exchange rate against the dollar or any foreign currency away from any intervention of the government or the central bank in determining its price, and linked to the value of supply and demand
    Yes Float Egyptian currency led to a decline in the price of the pound against the dollar from about 9 to 17 But the state still provides the necessary materials and medicines for citizens and did not increase the proportion of poverty with the knowledge that Egypt imports most of its oil needs from the outside is a very big abysmal
    example, the second is the state of Venezuela, a country very rich in oil and is now on the brink of bankruptcy where it was running its economy similar to what is done in Iraq At the time The present currency "Venezuela" is now at 3 prices for the exchange, according to the price of central bank exchange rate, the price on the black market, the price used in exports with a large corruption in the work of the Central Bank
    Iraq is undoubtedly on the Venezuelan example if not taken radical reforms similar to what took place in Egypt with a big difference to the Iraq and Iraq Huan oil revenues from the export of oil in December 2017 from $ 4-6 billion means about $ 76 billion per year The
    desired benefits of the flotation The process with some of the procedures is similar to what Egypt has taken with a transparency
    The central bank's reserves will increase by up to $ 40-50 billion in one year (the central bank's reserves could increase by more than $ 16 billion in one year). This amount will enable the start of major projects for energy, water desalination, agricultural projects, construction of hospitals and factories and through international companies. And will pay the price of these projects of oil imports without waiting for the foreign investor and this process will provide hundreds of thousands, but millions of job opportunities for unemployed Iraqis (foreign investor will come to foreign workers as often as with oil companies) and foreign investor, even if it comes in time The present will benefit from the auction sale of the current currency and the result is the damage to the Iraqi economy, as is the case with mobile phone companies, but in case the suspension of the auction will
    affect the interest of Iraq even with the foreign investor what is the potential damage in case of floating the bill
    Of course, there is a danger of a decrease in the Iraqi currency, but for employees whose income is not more than $ 1000, the damage will be limited and at the beginning only and only for the value of procurement of luxury materials, but will be met by the improvement of electricity, hospitals, medical devices, medicines, roads, water and credit card. There is the possibility of getting more members of the family more job opportunities, but when the economy and the farms and factories of Iraq will begin to spin out of date decline in currency news
    this process can reduce the rampant corruption and companies unreality It is possible that the Iraqi economy to become one of the largest economies of Namie and
    in any case can go back to sell the currency once again after a year or two years if it is not written for the success of this process and I do not think the piece and the people of Egypt Asalo

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