The exchange rate of the dinar linked to a basket of currencies of varying weights:
In this note, a review of the exchange rate of the Euro, Pound Sterling, Yen and Swiss currency against the Dollar since the beginning of 1999.
Then we assumed The Iraqi dinar was pegged to a basket of currencies according to three alternatives to weights between the first of January 1999, the beginning of the euro, and the beginning of the 10th of 2017.
The weights are:
First: 65% of the dollar; 20% of the euro; and the rest of the currencies 5% each.
Second: 60% for the dollar; 20% for the euro; 10% for the sterling; and 5% for the Swiss and Japanese. pg2
Third: 50% to the dollar; 25% to the euro; 10% to the pound; 5.7% to the Swiss and Japanese.