Kurdistan hydrocarbon conference underway
Erbil, Nov. 13 (AKnews) - Hundreds of oil companies have come to Kurdistan Region for the first international conference on Iraqi and Kurdish oil and gas in Erbil.
Iraq Petroleum 2011 Oil & Gas Conference has been arranged by CWC Group in partnership with Iraqi Kurdistan Region Ministry of Natural Resources.

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Barnham Saleh, the speaker of the Kurdistan Region Parliament Kemal Kirkuki, and Turkish deputy energy minister Yusuf Yazar attended the conference.

The conference will last three days, the participants will discuss methods to develop the oil fields of Iraq and how to attract investors to Kurdistan, David Barbara conference supervisor said.
Saleh said the conference is a clear sign that Kurdistan Region is safe and secure and there are numerous investment opportunities waiting for investors in Kurdistan, especially in oil and gas sector.

He added Kurdistan Region has followed the Iraqi constitution for digging and selling its oil: "We comply with the Iraqi constitution and the steps taken so far were lawful and constitutional."

As for Kurdistan Region's suspended petroleum file, the PM said his government has agreed with Baghdad to develop the Kurdistan oil sector and increase oil exports to 175,000 bpd in 2012.

Later Ashti Hawrami, Kurdistan Region's natural resources minister, said the Kurdish government is currently involved in talks with foreign companies to work in developing its oil fields.

He added his ministry has devised a five-year plan for this purpose, but he did not provide any details.