Iraqi Prime Minister: We’ve Recaptured All Territory From ISIS

By Frank Camp
December 9, 2017

On Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that the nation’s security forces have overcome ISIS and taken back all the land the terrorist organization once occupied.

During a televised speech, al-Abadi said in part:

Today, our troops were able to purge islands of Nineveh and Anbar in full, and they (the forces) are now fully controlling the Iraqi-Syrian borders. These victories are not only for the Iraqis alone, though the Iraqis were themselves who achieved such victories with their sacrifices. But the victories are for all Arabs, Muslims and the world alike ...

Honorable Iraqis, your land has been completely liberated. ... The flag of Iraq is flying high today over all Iraqi territory and at the farthest point on the border.