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Thread: $0.85 rumor story 12-17-2017

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    $0.85 rumor story 12-17-2017

    12/16/2017 07:04:00 PM Bank Stories, Emailed,
    Thoughts Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:30 PM EST on December 16, 2017 I have been hearing over the last few days that the exchanges had started. So a friend of mine went in a Wells Fargo Bank in Phoenix, AZ to see if they were going to exchange his Dinars and they offered him $0.85 so he exchange one $25,000.00 dinar. Which branch he went to I can not tell you because I do not know I just know that he did exchange one $25,000.00 for $0.85 which would equate out at $21,250.00. So it looks like it has started. Anonymous

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    thats a bu115h1t story from your blog !!!!

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