17-12-2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment - Kurdish security official was seen as amplification media
Erbil: «Middle East»
In light of developments in political and security situation in Diyala province, against the background of a decision of the Board of Directors transfer of the territory of an independent, and reported sources of security for the arrival of groups of the Mahdi Army for Kurdish areas to maintain, spokesman for the Peshmerga forces: «did not reach us any official information about the the existence of any armed elements in the region, and in our contacts with members of the board of directors to maintain assured us that the situation is normal and that they attend on a regular basis, and there is no threat to the Kurdish component maintenance ».

He said Major General Jabbar Yawar, Secretary General of the Ministry of the Kurdish Peshmerga and its spokesman, in connection with the «Middle East», there «exaggerated media of the events that take place in Diyala, where the popular protests against the decision to convert the territory is limited only within the city of Baquba, the provincial capital, and the Kurdish areas did not happen where something requires action by us to protect them ».

He pointed out that «there are formations full of the brigade's third Peshmerga forces are spread across the province in dispute and cooperate with formations Fourth Brigade of the Iraqi army, and have coordinate system, and walking joint patrols and in control of the checkpoints at the entrances and exits of the province, and two brigades were placed in an alert status since popular protests that began there as a precautionary measure, except that there is no compelling case for sending more troops there ».

On reports that the arrival of elements of the Mahdi Army to the area of Saadia, and what was said about the wide spread groups armed terrorist in the region, denied the spokesman leadership of the Peshmerga forces of this news, and said: «the military leadership in the region confirmed us in our contacts with them that there is no the existence of any armed group, or even elements of the Mahdi Army, and through our contacts continued with the board members told us that the situation normal and there is no serious threat on the component Kurdish and their representatives in the provincial council, and therefore there is no need to fear developments in the security situation there, and thus There is no need to send more troops to the region ».

The security sources in the province reported that armed civilians cut off the link road between the city of Khanaqin, and Baghdad against the background of events, I spoke with other sources for the arrival of elements of the Mahdi Army to hand Saadia and imposing a curfew there.

And suffer the Kurdish areas in the province of Diyala, which is one of the disputed areas of the security situation deteriorating always led so far to the displacement of large numbers of Kurdish families in the districts and the areas of the province, estimated the number of Kurdish authorities by more than 900 families, fled to the cities and safe areas in the Kurdistan Region since 2003, while about 400 Kurds were killed in attacks by armed groups against them believed to be an al-Qaeda, which is trying to provoke sectarian strife and national conflict in the disputed areas.

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