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Thread: finally, a response from Warka

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    Quote Originally Posted by calstar View Post
    Try Mohammad Issa
    Hi calstar, I hope you are doing well. I am trying to get Warka to provide me an update on all of the Iraqi stocks that I purchased years ago. Have you been able to get your updated stocks by Warka and how long did it take them to get the info to you?

    Thank you for any help!

    Carter (aka-dinar shore)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mo Dinar View Post
    Hotmail, the only generic service I have never had an email account with lol!
    Very first email I ever had,,,and still main one I use

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    After 5 years got a reply from Warka.

    I got a reply from Warka today using my Yahoo email account. It was strange in that it was titled "RE: [SPAM]". The last time I received a responce from Warka was 5 years ago. My account balance has increased by 34% during those 5 years. It appears as my account has been earning about 6-7% interest during that time. The email was from Mohammad Kamal <>Mohammad Kamal <>
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