Letís get the record clear on this Kuwait RV once and for all.
I list the reasons why it is not as simple in the Iraqi dinar process as it was for the Kuwait dinar process. So letís begin with our analysis today.
First let me say the RV was actually a re-instatement. There was never a revaluation.
The currency was put on a free-market FLOAT by the IMF and the rise in rate (not value) was due purely by speculation. The value remained the same and eventually the results of the FLOAT leveled off and it returned to its true value, which was right around the re-instatement value in the first place.
So letís look at the entire process of the 1990 and the KWT currency of the Kuwaiti dinar. So in the recent history of the KWT, there has been five issuances of the currency. We are concerned mostly with the last three (3) since these are the timeframes we talk about most in our rumors.