The ISX decided to move trading of 19 companies from the regular market to the non regular market
starting Mar. 1, 2018 due to the following reasons:

1) Due to not trading in 2016-2017: AL-Wiaam for Financial Investment (VWIF),

2) Due to the decrease in annual trading volume: National Bank of Iraq (BNOI), Credit Bank of Iraq (BROI), North Bank (BNOR),Union Bank of Iraq (BUOI), Ashur International Bank (BASH), Al-Bilad Islamic Bank (BLAD), Al-Khatem Telecoms (TZNI) and AHliya For Insurance (NAHF),

3) Due to less than 25 trading sessions: Economy Bank For Investment (BEFI), Dar es salam Investment Bank (BDSI) and Iraqi for General Transportation (SIGT),

4) Due to the decrease in all indicators: Al-Zawraa for Finanical Investment (VZAF) and Al -Khazer for Construction Materials (IKHC),

5) Due to being under CBI custody: Dijlah & Furat Bank for Development (BDFD) and Dar Al-Salam for Insurance (NDSA).