Monday, 21 January 2013 13:41

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Justice announced on Monday that it has released during last December 721 women prisoners after serving their sentences , indicating that among those released 10 women prisoners on terrorist issued according to the orders issued by the Iraqi judiciary.
The ministry spokesman, Haidar al-Saadi said in a statement reported for "Shafaq News" that "the Department of reform started the implementation of the Minister of Justice orders, Hassan al-Shammari by releasing detainees who ended their sentences directly to prevent delaying the release process."

Saadi stressed that "the number of those released from the ministry prisons in Baghdad and the provinces during last December reached 721.
He added that "the ministry released 10 women prisoners from Mosul and Anbar provinces and south areas of Baghdad, according to court orders, noting that they were charged on terrorist issues," explaining that "the number of the released women during the last period of the current year 2013, reached (16) women prisoner and the number can be increased during the coming period.
It is worth mentioning that thousands of Iraqis continue to demonstrate and sit-in in all of Anbar, Salahuddin and Mosul since three weeks ago, as a rejection of the policies of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, after they accused him of "marginalization" of Sunnis and the failure to meet their demands to release of detainees in prisons.