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Thread: Warka Capital Increase 03-15-2018

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    I'm sorry all that happened. Stocks are at an all time low so if you wanted to go with a different broker now would be the time. IMO
    Maybe... one day you can send Warka money to another brokerage firm or wire to your home location. At least your still showing a balance in your account.

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    Live and learn...

    Thank you for the empathy, but hey it's always a good time for 'live and learn', right?

    I still need to wait until the CBI allows Al Warka to return back full to operation and allow cash withdrawals from their current accounts. Until then, I can only wait and collect interest.

    I'm not even sure if it's even advisable to buy any subscription shares at 1 share per 1 IQD when they 'recapitalize' and offer their shares back in the ISX to be traded. The only silver lining in that respect would be if a major player popped in out of the blue and bought majority rights at 8 to 10 IQD per share. Then the AGM and subsequent sale of Al Warka shares may be worth waiting for.

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    What? Me worry?

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