17/02/2012 11:03 BAGHDAD, Feb.17 (AKnews)- Vice President Tareq Hashemi should be arrested as the terrorism accusations against him have increased, a member of the State of Law Coalition said today.

Yesterday Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council announced that Hashemi who is a leader in the Iraqiya alliance has been involved in 150 terrorist operations such as car bombs, mortar and improvised explosive device attacks, and assassinations of civilians and officials as well as the Iranian pilgrims.

Since Dec.19 the VP has been issued arrest order. He has fled to Iraqi Kurdistan region and refuted the confessions of his body guards, saying they were taken under torture to defame him.

SLC member Mohammed Sahyud said the arrest orders are enforced everywhere in Iraq disregard of the rank of the wanted person.

Sahyud said "it is unlikely that Hashemi surrenders to court himself because he understands completely the size of the crimes he committed and the truth in the confessions of his guards."

"Hashemi also understands that the court is impartial and deals with all the cases professionally and imperially," SLC said "Therefore, we do not expect him to appear in court by himself."

Sahyud called on the security forces to "enforce the arrest order against Hashemi and the rest of his guards in Kurdistan," and Interpol to arrest the wanted "if they escaped outside the country."

Hashemi accused SLC leader Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of standing behind his accusations. He demanded that his trail be transferred to Khanaqin (Diyala province) or Kirkuk because he "does not trust the integrity of Baghdad courts and does not feel safe in the capital." Baghdad court refused the demands. Later he demanded international court investigate his case.

The tensions between SLC and Iraqiya List, led by Maliki's elections rival Ayad Allawi, over VP's issue and some deep-rooted political disputes led Iraqi President Jalal Talabani call for an emergency summit of the political leaders.

The National Alliance, which includes SLC among other Shiite dominated parties, has stipulated that it attends the summit provided that Hashemi's issue "which is a judicial case" is not discussed in the meeting, due late February. This is while the Iraqiya insists that the case has been "politicized" and should be resolved through political consensus.

Ala Talabni of the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC) said the investigation in VP's case is still underway. "The court has the final word and we do not suspend any orders from the Iraqi court."

Asked about the prospect of KBC's surrendering Hashemi to Baghdad, Talabani said "there is nothing called surrendering Hashemi to Baghdad; all the wanted should appear before court …but this is not up to KBC but to judiciary and executive authorities."

Late January KBC head Mohsen Saadun called on Hashemi to appear before court so that his case is not referred to the Central Criminal Court and warned him that the verdicts issued in his absence may be "tough."

Modhar Khidhir of Iraqiya List said "we believe Hashemi's case has been politicized from the beginning …and this requires dealing with the case correctly."

He thought that resolving the issue before the summit of the leaders "proves the good intents of all the parties to put the political process on the right track and to communicate with the partners to overcome crises."

By Raman Brusk